Station Package – Turbine Meter

Station Package - Turbine Meter

Metering station is one of the downstream plant of gas processing unit that related with flow measurement, the system aims to distribute commodity sale. The process is known as custody transfer where flow and energy are measured accurately to avoid misunderstandings between the seller and the buyer. Therefore, the system needs accurate measurement instrumentation and can be monitored in the field. Meter Turbine is one of the flow meter that commoly used in metering system. Flow gas metering for industrial, comersial, recidencial, ext.

Technical Specification


Main Features:

  • Metering Station with Turbine Meters
  • Metering Station with Rotary Meters
  • In accordance with American Gas Association (AGA. 7) Standards
  • High and low Capacity and flexibility of projec
  • The best delivery date in the market.


Main Component

  • Isolation manual Valve / Control Valve (Inlet-Outlet)
  • Flow Meter ; Meter Turbine and Rotary Meter
  • Electronic Volume Converters (EVC) / Flow Computer
  • Manometer / Pressure Gauge (PG) / Pressure Transmitter
  • Thermometer / Temperature Gauge (TG) / Temperature Transmitter
  • Gas Filter / Strainer
  • Straightening Vane

Product Detail


Metering Station, Stations

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