PRESSURE REDUSING REGULATOR’s is a pilot operated regulator developed for the ‘‘easy to own and operate’’ Natural gas Market. This regulator works extremely well at gate stations, as district regulators, and in industrial applications. This document describes the determination of the diameter size, flow rate, noise level, and maximum flow capacity of the regulator.

The sizing of Argos regulator is done based in the considerations as follow:

  • Definition according to inlet and outlet pressure fi it is a critic or sub-critic flow;
  • Convertion based on correction factor the flow value found if the process fluid is different of natural gas;
  • Limitation of use of pressure regulator when the flow capacity is approximately 90%;
  • For active / monitor configuration it should be considered reduction of 30% in regulators flow capacity;
  • For working / monitor configuration size the set considering the two stages of pressure reduction and single stage when the upstream regulator assumes the total pressure reduction control.



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