Flow Meter

Flow Meter


The vemm tec IGTM-CT Gas Turbine Meter is a highly accurate flow meter, approved for custody transfer measurement, equipped with electronic pulse outputs and a mechanical counter. This document explains the performance, ranges, dimensions, calibration and outputs of the instrument.

In order to quickly process your enquiry, we need the following information for adequate pricing and sizing:

  • Nominal pipe size in mm or inches for installing the meter
  • Application: Custody transfer, accurate measurement or industrial measurement.
  • Preferred body material: Ductile iron, carbon steel or stainless steel
  • Flow rate: Maximum, minimum (actual or standard/normal cubic meter per hour, please specify); or G-size.
  • Pressure: Maximum, minimum and normal operating pressure (indicate if you specify in absolute pressure or gauge pressure)
  • Temperature: Maximum, minimum and normal operating temperature
  • Gas type, composition or analysis (if available)
  • Flange connection, pressure rating and face type
  • Output signals required (LF reed switch, HF at index head or HF at turbine wheel, dual pulse output)
  • Installation conditions (Indoor-Outdoor, ambient conditions)
  • Flow direction horizontal (left-right; right-left) or vertical (up-down; down-up)
  • Optional services and additional equipment required (calibrations, barriers, volume correctors, filters, meter tubes)
  • Please always mention the country in which the meter will be mounted into a system.

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