Station Package – Pressure Regulating Station

Station Package - Pressure Regulating Station

These models of Stations have primer function to reduce the pressure of natural gas. Applicable with Natural Gas Distributor Companies as well as process of industries. It can be supplied with single or double stream. PRS is usually designed as a pressure reducing from 120 barg to 25 barg, It has 2 safety valves including the Pressure Safety Valve (PSV) and the Slum Shut-Off Valve (SSV). PSV functions to open and reduce excess pressure while SSV serves to close the gas flow in the event of overpressure. In accordance with PGN and ESDM design standards

Technical Specification


Main Features:

  • Pressure Class 600# until 2500#
  • Regulating configuration: Simple, Active-monitor Working Monitor and others (under consult)
  • Stations designed and manufactured in accordance with ASME B31.8; 31.3; NBR 12712 and others.
  • Equipments 100% testes at the plant
  • The purpose of this painting procedure is to assure the quality in the shop painting work.
  • Data Book supplied with 100% of stations.
  • The best delivery date in the market.


Main Component

  • Insulating Joint / Insulating Flange (Inlet-Outlet).
  • Isolation Valve (Inlet-Outlet)
  • Gas Filter or Strainer
  • Slum Shut Off Valve or Emergency Shutdown Valve
  • Regulator Active & Regulator Monitor (Optimal)
  • Relief Valve or Safety Valve
  • Check Valve
  • Manometer / Pressure Gauge (PG)
  • Thermometer / Temperature Gauge (TG)
  • Differential Pressure Indicator (DPI)

Product Detail


Pressure Regulating Station, Stations

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