Meter Strainers

Meter Strainers

When expensive displacement water meters and other sensitive fluid monitoring devices need to be protected from damage due to particles and debris in the line and space is a problem, the Mueller Steam Specialty meter strainers are the solution. These units have been designed to meet AWWA requirements of a straining area at least twice the size of the main meter case inlet of turbine type meters. Available in cast iron and bronze from 11⁄2″ to 8″, these units are designed to eliminate your meter protection problems.

Technical Specification


Main Features:

Cast Iron
Flanged Ends, Bolted Cover,

  • Size: 3″ – 8″ (80 – 200mm)
  • 175psi WOG @ 150°F
  • 12 bar @ 65°C

Flanged Ends, Bolted Cover

  • Size: 11⁄2″ – 8″ (40 – 200mm)
  • 175psi WOG @ 150°F
  • 12 bar @ 65°C


Main Component

Product Detail


Filter, Scrubber

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