Station Package – Orifice Meter

Station Package - Orifice Meter

Metering station for Orifice Flow Meter is a device with holes in it, whose function is to measure volume flow rate, limit flow, or reduce pressure. The working principle of the Orifice Flow Meter uses a pressure difference and can be used for high temperature or high pressure. Orifice flow meters can be used to measure liquid flows, gas can also be applied to Steam flows.

Technical Specification


Main Features:

  • Gas/Steam and Liquid
  • Accuracy Orifice Flow Meter ±1.5% and ±1.0%
  • In accordance with American Gas Association (AGA. 3) Standards
  • High and low Capacity and flexibility of project (MMSCFD)
  • The best delivery date in the market.


Main Component

  • Isolation manual Valve / Control Valve (Inlet-Outlet)
  • Gas Filter / Strainer
  • Pressure Safety Valve
  • Flow Profiler
  • Senior Orifice Flow Meter
  • Flow Pressure Recorder
  • Pressure Transmitter & Pressure Gauge
  • Temperature Transmitter & Temperature Gauge
  • Flow Computer c/w software
  • Junction Box
  • Check Valve
  • Globe Valve
  • Emergency Shutdown Valve (ESDV)

Product Detail


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