Station Package – Metering Regulating Station

Station Package - Metering Regulating Station

Metering and Regulating Station abbreviated as MRS, serves as a means of transfer of custody between suppliers and consumers of natural gas. The main components are a unit meter to calculate the volume/flow of gas and a regulator to adjust/lower the pressure. The type and type of meter and regulator are adjusted to the amount of gas supplied and the required pressure.

Widely used for the Natural Gas Distributor Companies to measure the gas volume utilized by the client and charge it, these Pressure Regulating and Metering Skids can be manufacture with different layouts to optimize the local installation and offer the best cost benefit. ALGAS has know-howand experience in the design and supply of these Skids in the national and international Market.

Technical Specification


Main Features:

  • Metering Station with Rotary Meters
  • Metering Station with Turbine Meters
  • In accordance with AGA 7 standards
  • High Capacity and flexibility of project
  • The best delivery date in the market.


Main Component

  • Insulating Joint / Insulating Flange (Inlet-Outlet)
  • Isolation Valve (Inlet-Outlet)
  • Gas Filter
  • Safety Shut Off Valve / Slum Shut Valve
  • Regulator Active & Regulator Monitor (Optimal)
  • Relief Valve
  • Check Valve
  • Meter Gas / Turbine Meter
  • Electronic Volume Converters (EVC) / Flow Computer
  • Manometer / Pressure Gauge (PG)
  • Thermometer / Temperature Gauge (TG)
  • Differential Pressure Indicator (DPI)

Product Detail


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