Flow Meter – Cangnan Rotary Meter

Flow Meter - Cangnan Rotary Meter

The principal of the Rotary Gas Meter is well known. It is a positive displacement type of meter, passing pre-determined volumes of gas by means of two counter-rotating rotors or impellers. Four times per revolution a fixed unit of volume is displaced through the measurement chambers. The flowing gas volume is proportional to the number of revolutions of the output. The output of this model Rotary Gas Meter is a special designed magnetic coupling where one part is fitted inside the meter body and the associated part is placed in the read-out unit. The read-out unit can either be a mechanical index or an electronic index, with or without volume conversion and communication functions.

Technical Specification


Main Features:

  • Flow Rates : 0,5 m’/h Up to 1.000 m’/h
  • Repeat abiIity : 0, 1 %
  • Measuring Accuracy : 0,2 Q max to Q max:± 1 % or better
    Q min to 0,2 Q max: ± 2 % or better
  • Temperature Range : Standard: -25°C to +60°C, on request: -40°C to +80°C Material: Body,
  • Aluminium or cast iron; Rotor: Aluminium Alloy Lubrication: Self Lubricated Type
  • Transmitter Characteristic : Intrinsic safety approval: L.C.I.E. 06 ATEX 6031 X
    Intrinsic safety level: II 1/2 G EEx ia 118/IIC TS c T6


Main Component

Product Detail


Flow Meter, Rotary

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