Electronic Volume Converters – PTZ Box

Electronic Volume Converters - PTZ Box

Electronic Volume Converter calculates the amount of actual gas use measured through turbine meters where form standard condition to best condition. Calculating the volume of gas from the measurement conditions (Actual Condition) be a condition of the contract (Base Condition)

PTZ-BOX is a gas volume corrector that enables PTZ, PT or T conversion. The device is designed to measure volume, energy and flow of gas. Primarily battery powered with the possibility to connection to an external power supply. The device converts the volume of gas counted by the gas meter (turbine, rotary, diaphragm) into the base conditions. Gas compressibility factor is calculated with the use of algorithms SGERG-88, MGERG-88, AGA8-92DC, AGA8-G1, AGA8-G2, AGA NX-19 mod or constant value of relative compression factor. PTZ-BOX is an intrinsically safe device ready to be installed in explosive hazardous zone 0.

Technical Specification


Main Features:

  • Direct transfer of data to system – Data readout through internal GSM/GPRS modem with the use of internal batteries
  • Remote data readout – connection through communication interfaces INT-S3 and extension module EM-
  • Local readout and configuration
  • Process of measurement using PTZ-BOX (with external pressure sensor) and rotary gas meter
  • Process of measurement using PTZ-BOX and turbine gas meter
  • Communication protocol is Modbus, VTC and External power is RS485, Supply output 5.7 V, Supply input 11/30 DC


Main Component

  •  Body Material: Levan
  • Battery: Lithium with 6 years span
  • Memory: 1 MB integrated RAM & ROM
  • Pressure Range : Low pressure up to High Pressure (0.8 ÷ 100) abs
  • Accuracy : ± 0.5 %
  • Display type: LCD – graphic 128 x 64 pixels, w/blacklight
  • Keypad: 10 buttons on the front panel

Product Detail


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