Catridge Type Separator Filters

Dry Gas Filter

The separator filters are designed for filtering solids present in the gas flow, using pleated cellulose cartridges, designed and constructed to offer maximum filter area and large capacity to retain and accumulate the filtered solids. With compact standard construction and using quick opening system, it allows fast and easy change of the filter element. Operating with great efficiency and low pressure loss, it allows excellent protection to the regulators and pressure meters, minimizing the maintenance and extending equipment life.

Technical Specification


Main Features:

  • Quick closing/opening system for easy access inside the filter.
  • Designed and manufactured exclusively for use with natural gas.
  • Equipment manufacture at Algas, with ISO 9001 Certificate.
  • Standard dimensions, facilitating the substitution of already installed filters.
  • Filter elements in stock.
  • Metallic filter media with 304 stainless steel, cellulose or other under request.
  • Stainless steel filter elements may be supplied optionally, for washing or use with larger pressure loss.
  • Algas has an experience of 10 years in the manufacture and installation of equipment for use in natural gas industry
  • Technical service, with staff of expert engineers and technicians.
  • Training Center available for qualification and training of our product users.


Main Component

  • Designed and constructed according to ASME VIII DIV I or ASME B 31.8 as percustomer request
  • Construction materials according to ASTM.
  • Pressure class 150,300 and 600 lbs (others under request)
  • Flanged connections ANSI B16.5-1to 12(others under request). 
  • Quick closing and opening (QOC). 
  • Compact construction and simple operation.
  • Does not need special tools for maintenance. 
  • Filtering from outside to inside the element, this makes easier the cleaning of the filter housing and the element. 
  • Cartridges with standard dimensions and immediate shipment.
  • 100% hydrostatic tested. 
  • Nozzle direction STD 180° in line(others under request). 
  • Painted and identified according to Algas standard. 

Product Detail


Dry Gas Filter

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