IGTM Gas Turbin Meter

IGTM-CT turbine gas meter

The IGTM-CT meter is a turbine gas meter with high measuring accuracy approved for custody transfer (MID, etc.) in Germany, in the European Union and outside Europe. Many combinations with regard to diameter and flanges are possible. Read More>>


Turbin Meter WT

IGTM-WT turbine gas meter

The IGTM-WT meter is an industrial turbine gas meter for exact volume and flow measurement. The meters are installed between two flanges and can be used for PN 10, PN 16, and ANSI 150 and are available up to DN 200 (8“). Read More>>



OMEGA VI Rotary Gas Meter

The OMEGA VI rotary gas meters are approved for highly accurate custody transfer gas volume measurement in Germany and abroad. The gas meters can be installed both horizontally and vertically and can be used with an electronic volume converter. Read More>>


PTZ-Box_2012-1 copy

PTZ-BOX 5.0 electronic volume converter

The configurable electronic volume converter is approved for gases of all kinds and for custody transfer (MID). The instrument is battery-powered and will be delivered with pressure sensor, temperature sensor and configurable readout software.  Read More>>


PTZ-BOX FCD EXT AMR electronic volume converter

The PTZ BOX FCD EXT AMR converter is an expanded electronic volume converter for gas volume meters, either with an expansion board or a GSM/GPRS modem, or both. The expansion board offers the possibility of connecting a second gas  Read More>>


Calibration of gas meters

As approved company we are entitled to perform low-pressure flow calibrations of gas meters with a volume flow of between 0.15 and 6,500 m³/h. Read More>>